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What is Computer-delivered IELTS?

What is Computer-delivered IELTS?

What is Computer-delivered IELTS?

By Admin / Feb 13, 2019


Owing to technological advancements and changing needs of the consumer, IELTS, like any other contemporary test, has now taken a paradigm shift to a technically advanced version, known as �Computer-delivered IELTS�.

As the name suggests, a test-taker takes this test on a computer instead of a paper, though this is not true for all the modules. Listening, reading and writing modules are tested using a computer, while speaking module remains a face-to-face interview. Perhaps it is felt that speaking skills are better tested in real rather than virtual space.

The Computer-delivered IELTS provides convenience of typing the answers instead of writing them on a paper, which is preferred by most of the people in this digital era. Also, the test is conducted for up to 5 days a week, increasing your chances of getting a preferred date. The greatest advantage of this test is that the result is available within 5-7 business days, which obviously lessens the stress on the test taker.

Though the test structure is essentially the same, yet you need to practise well in this format in order to excel in the first go. Practice tests and mock tests are available on a number of websites, facilitating preparation for Computer-delivered IELTS.

The changed medium of the test doesn�t mean changed level of the test. The difficulty level, content, timings, question types, marking, security arrangements of the test centre, all remain the same. The marking of reading and listening modules is 100% computer based which increases the reliability of the test. The writing and the speaking modules are manually marked keeping in mind the essence of the test.

Computer-delivered IELTS adheres to high-quality standards, fairness and reliability. It helps to overcome apprehensions of the test taker regarding misplacement of the answer sheet or poor scores due to bad handwriting.

The test is the same, the marking criteria are the same, just the technology got involved. The Computer-delivered IELTS test is of recent origin in India. Currently it is being conducted in five cities, viz. New Delhi, Benguluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chandigarh. This is a recent advancement which is really the future of IELTS at all centres across India and the world.

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Last updated on : Jun 23, 2024