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Tricks to Easily Avoid Common Mistakes during IELTS Speaking Test

Tricks to Easily Avoid Common Mistakes during IELTS Speaking Test

Tricks to Easily Avoid Common Mistakes during IELTS Speaking Test

By Admin / Feb 03, 2021

IELTS is the world’s most reputed test that checks proficiency of the candidates over the English Language. The test has four modules – Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. To score well in the speaking test (interview), candidates should focus on error-free sentences and grammatical structures.

Here are some commonly made mistakes in IELTS Speaking Test and ways to avoid them.

Mistake 1: Remaining silent for more than 5 seconds

Trick: This usually leaves a bad impression on the examiner depicting the hesitation of the candidate and his/her lack of confidence. It is quite understandable that the candidate is gathering different ideas when the question is asked. So, instead of keeping mum, the candidate can use some filler expressions like, ‘This is a tough question’, ‘supposedly’, ‘in my opinion’ etc.

Mistake 2: Not giving verbal answers

Trick: Many times, candidates answer with just a nod using their head assuming that the examiner will understand the reply of Yes or No. It is highly recommended to answer in full sentences confidently.

Mistake 3: Speaking too less or too much

Trick: Time and again, this has been a major mistake made by so many candidates: either speaking too little or too much. Both leave a negative impact. Speaking too much sounds less coherent and you tend to make more mistakes. If you speak little, the examiner might conclude that either your vocabulary or your opinion is too limited. Try to maintain a balance between the two.

Mistake 4: Narrating memorised answers

Trick: Memorised answers do not let a candidate fetch a good band score. Any question that has the possibility of a memorised answer has fewer chances of being asked by the examiner. Also, the examiner would easily know about it. It is better to practice speaking a wide range of thoughts before taking the test.

Mistake 5: Improper grammar and speaking skills

Trick: Using incorrect verb forms, determiners, etc. puts examiner off-mood instantly. Fluency, pronunciation and vocabulary of the candidate are tested thoroughly and these should be completely taken care of by the candidate.

Mistake 6: Diverging from the topic

Trick: Quite often many students tend to get side-tracked and end up giving an irrelevant answer. This is considered a huge blunder by the examiners. Therefore, try to remain to the point as far as possible. Don’t go at lengths to explain.

To leave no stone unturned in clearing the exam, the candidate must be fully aware of the pitfalls. It’s always recommended to be well prepared and well-read beforehand. A comprehensive and thorough understanding of the structure of the exam helps the student perform well in the exam and achieve a better score.

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Last updated on : Jul 22, 2024