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5 Trends Shaping the Future of Coaching Industry. Is Your Coaching Centre in Sync?

5 Trends Shaping the Future of Coaching Industry. Is Your Coaching Centre in Sync?

5 Trends Shaping the Future of Coaching Industry. Is Your Coaching Centre in Sync?

By Admin / Feb 23, 2021

Heraclitus once said, "Change is the only constant in life". The learning & teaching sectors are no different. The orthodox art of teaching & learning has evolved remarkably in recent times.

Recent changes have facilitated learning and education in a way that was once beyond imagination. There are numerous educational mobile applications available today, tools for teaching and learning, other supplementary educational resources and so many other notable tools that have changed the entire outlook of the coaching and education industry. 

 Here is a list of the most impactful trends that are contributing and leading the coaching institutes today:

  1. From Tech-Averse to Tech-Friendly 

 Is there any sphere of our lives that hasn’t been impacted by technology? How could the coaching sector be any different? Be it maintaining an online presence on different social media platforms or teaching lessons on Zoom or Google Meet. COVID-19 forced coaching centres to go online. Even though the results delivered online weren’t so impeccable, yet it is the only way to stay relevant in the market now. Many institutes are still struggling to fund an online transition adequately but establishing a coaching institute online needs time, effort, and financial resources.

TCY understands that the coaching world is based on ‘Survival of the Fittest’. It stands apart from thousands of companies offering various technology solutions for coaching centres, by providing a solution that is a perfect blend of education & technology. Over 20 years of experience in running coaching centres for different programs ranging from K-12, Competitive Exams, ELT, etc. have shaped TCY's offering as one of the most relevant with a clear focus on smooth centre management, high teaching effectiveness and great student results.

Technology for learning is fine, but what about technology in learning? Continue reading to know more!


2. Classroom to Hybrid Models

 As the coaching industry will be shifting back to teacher-led classroom post-pandemic, we are set to see some revolutionary changes. Technology-assisted teaching practices would multiply the effectiveness of teaching with the use of video lectures for remedial learning; presentations that help align the lectures to the rest of the courseware and real exam-like mock tests. Adding digital tools increase teacher’s productivity, reach and influence. Tasks that are mundane and aren’t teacher intensive will be taken care of by the algorithms, enabling teachers to invest their energy in what they do best - the core act of teaching. Resultantly, the students aren’t restricted to attend the class at fixed hours or to be at the same place to consume this part of the offering.

Classroom learning can be made more effective this way. But what about unproductive time which is wasted every day? Can that be utilized? Continue Reading!  


 3. Learning is Now On the Go 

Every student has a couple of hours each day when his/her mind is not productively engaged. For example, when a bored student is traveling to his college, he is looking for a means to put his time to use by using his mobile phone. A smart app could easily put students’ unproductive time to good use. A student could simply scan a QR Code-enabled lesson from his/her smart book and learn from it on the go anytime anywhere. To do something like this, coaching institutes need to have an intelligently curated resource such as a Mobile App that will ensure that the students are engaged for long. But every institute can't put its resources into the development of a Mobile App. 

 TCY provides a customizable institute-branded smart app to its partnering coaching institutes at minimal costs so that nothing comes between the students and success. Everything around us is becoming SMART. What about the courseware? 


 4. Standalone Courseware to Integrated One

A modular approach to lesson planning is gaining popularity wherein practice resources, remedial resources and assessments are in sync. This process helps in turning learning into a more personalized approach for the learner. The courseware can be delivered through multiple mediums such as books, e-books, and Mobile App for easy access and availability.

TCY’s unique methodology is an amalgamation of its courseware, technology, and teacher inputs. A team of over 80 veteran experts from various domains including Instructional Design Experts, Content Developers, Academic Researchers, Education Technology Specialists at TCY ensure that your coaching institute is always ahead. 

Students’ expectations from the coaching centres are increasing incessantly every day. Is there any way to meet them?


 5. Shift in Student Expectations

Consolidation of exams has simplified the admission process but has also spiked the stakes for students. Aspirants have fewer attempts and more intense competition which in turn increases the students’ expectations from coaching centres. Students want highly effective and efficient modes of teaching which will help them in clearing the exam in a single attempt. To be a different coaching centre, you have to choose a different approach to teaching. An advanced version is required! 

TCY Methodology is designed to meet these expectations of students. An all-inclusive exam preparation kit consisting of smartbooks, lecture slides, test- topic-wise; sectional; previous year and mock tests are designed to ensure top-notch preparation of your students. The concept of Remedial Practice helps strengthen the weak areas of the students into their strong areas with auto-generated practice tests.

Changes will continue to take place. And for all those coaching centres which have a burning desire to succeed, TCY has put its best foot forward to empower them with everything they need to rise and shine in these times. 

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