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The Epitome of Learning: Teachers or Algorithms?

The Epitome of Learning: Teachers or Algorithms?

The Epitome of Learning: Teachers or Algorithms?

By Admin / Feb 10, 2021

Malala Yousafzai said, “One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.” No student can undermine the importance of teachers in their lives. There is at least one teacher or guide in each student’s life who has left an unforgettable impression and has shaped the person. 


The Fourth Industrial Revolution, the era of smart technologies in each sphere of life has bereft mankind of human touch. This period runs on a path of a fusion of advances in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, genetic engineering, quantum computing, and other technologies. The coaching industry is also not untouched by this rat race and post corona pandemic it has emerged as one of the hotspots of technology-driven products projected as the panacea to everything that ails the coaching industry today. 


In this blind pursuit, they have ended up diminishing the role of a teacher. The main objective was to ensure that technology was an enabler, but it turns out that this process is giving the teacher a back seat. The algorithms are driving the learning process. It sounds fancy and futuristic, but the main question is whether genuine learning is taking place or not?

TCYonline believes that teachers are irreplaceable. They are the strongest pillar on which the coaching industry stands. TCYonline leverages its technological prowess to create integrated courseware - lecture slides, books, tests, remedial practice, and app for an impactful learning experience that hook students into learning.


Currently, most of the current coaching institutes are dwelled on developing such Ed Tech applications that are focused on self-learning. The market is flooded with ventures that promise high-tech solutions to everything that troubles education today: smart boards, animations, lecture videos, assessments, adaptive learning modules, etc. Invest a little in these, and you can start to avail the services within days or sometimes hours. Such courseware, however smart and fascinating, end up losing its charm after the initial fascination wears off. The initial excitement of shifting to new things wears off as algorithms work on patterns and patterns tend to get boring after a while. Imagine doing the same tasks every day for a week! 


Human teachers might feel like old school, but they come with their perks of unpredictability and newness. The teachers can adapt as per the students. They can introduce a more interesting activity or adapt their delivery to engage the students more at any point in time during the class session. 


 Carefully planned, scheduled and synchronized teacher driven learning experience however undervalued create a lasting impact in the classroom. Teaching students should consist of concepts delivered by teachers, supplemented by formative assessments, extended practice, textbooks, hand-outs, remedial resources.


To provide all these additional instruments to students, a huge amount of resources in terms of efforts, time, and money are required. Designing such engaging, relevant, and focused learning experience for each student with diverse needs is a sublime art and if done well is akin to magic. This is where TCYonline comes in. We have designed a complete package that turns teachers into super-specialists, empowered with the tools and reports, to deliver their best.

 TCY, after gathering years of experience in classroom teaching, along with its technological prowess has developed an integrated courseware - lecture slides, books, tests, remedial practice, and a Mobile app. 

 Over 1,250 coaching centres in more than 15 countries have empowered their teachers with TCY.


 Let the teachers take control of teaching and let TCY add more stars to the teaching and learning experience altogether. Allow artificial intelligence to intervene and supplement teachers and not in any way try to replace them. Brace yourself to handle the swarm of students that will be walking into your coaching institute to change their future! 

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URL: B2B.TCYonline.com
Email: inquiry@tcyonline.com
Mobile Number: +91 98789-58555

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Last updated on : Jul 26, 2024