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SAT Sentence Completion: It’s all about triggers…Bro!!!

SAT Sentence Completion: It’s all about triggers…Bro!!!

By / Feb 13, 2019

SAT Sentence completion can be perilously difficult because there usually are two answer choices which seem absolutely appropriate for the given text.

Caution: Do not go by the overall feel of the sentence. Focus on the triggers.

Thumb Rules: I usually suggest only two.

1. Answer is always in the text
2. Recycle

Here’s a perfect example. Remember; focus on the triggers and not on the general feel or context of the sentence.


In this sentence, you might find yourself thinking that Parkin’s characterization of the movement as neoscholastic is something negative, so further investigation is needed.

So, you may be stuck up with perfunctory (cursory or superficial) or biased.

Let us apply the thumb rules.

1. Answer is in the text
“too _________ to be accepted without further investigation”
This is to say that Parkin’s investigation lacked something, so further investigation is needed to make his claim tenable.

2. Recycle
Further investigation is required; i.e. Parkin’s characterization was incomplete.

So, this leads us to the answer; that is perfunctory. Therefore (B).

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Last updated on : Sep 22, 2023