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10 Practical Tips for MBA Exam Preparation

10 Practical Tips for MBA Exam Preparation

10 Practical Tips for MBA Exam Preparation

By Admin / Feb 21, 2020

An MBA degree is one of the most coveted professional degrees for a successful career and future in the corporate world. The competition is thus among the best talents from various disciplines and from various parts of India.

There are a host of MBA exams which can help you get into the top Indian B-schools. Leading institutions and universities both government and private take the scores of tests like CAT, XAT, MAT, CMAT,SNAP, IIFT, NMAT, TISS-NET, MH-CET etc.  But this does not mean that you need to prepare separately for each of these exams. Almost all the exams have similar syllabus and sections. A focussed effort on these sections will help you to ace any of these MBA entrance exams.
Here are a few tips for a preparation that can help you ace all MBA entrance exams.

1. Encash on the opportunities available in Reasoning: Spend some time to go through all the sets and see which will take the least time to solve. The key to ace this section is to decide the set which is easiest to work on or one with which you are comfortable. Identify the key data in the question and write it down in a table, box or diagram. Go through the statements provided one by one and in a methodical manner. To do this successfully on the exam day, you need to practice as many different types of problems as you can. Take mocks regularly and analyse the results. Give priority to accuracy rather than to number of questions attempted.

2. Tackle the Verbal Ability section confidently: Read extensively. This will improve not only your vocabulary but also speed and sentence formation skills. Learn to skim and scan the text to pick up the key points which help in summarising.  Solve different types of puzzles. This will help you in solving parajumble questions.  

3. Shortcut to success in Quantitative Aptitude section: First clear the fundamental concepts and find alternative and shorter ways or tricks to solve. The more you practice the greater the accuracy and speed in arriving at correct answers. To achieve greater speed, start doing the calculations mentally. Do not use paper and pen. In the beginning you may take more time. But if keep at it you will get good at it.

4. Keep a Reference Notebook: Keep a notebook to keep a record of all QA formulas. Write in it daily or whenever you give a test or come across a formula. Study through this notebook regularly to brush up the formulas.

mba exam prepration

5. Do Timed practice: A great way to prepare for the testing environment is to take practice exam in a simulated environment. This also requires you to attempt the different sections as per the time allotted for different sections. Solving different questions within the given time help you to develop exam strategies that will prove helpful during the actual exam.

6. Log the errors: After every test, note down number of questions attempted and accuracy percentage. Note the areas where you faced problems that prevented you from getting the desired score. Look up concepts and explanations and internalise the learnings so as to avoid repeating them in the future.

7.  Take advantage of Internet: Make use of various online resources such as the official sites to access sample questions and study guides. Other resources include sites like TCYonline.com that provide an interface similar to the real exam.  

8. Be your own mentor: Do not listen to each and everyone. Do not attempt to try everything suggested. Stick to your strategy and adapt it as per your need. Remember the saying ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’. So, remain focussed and pace yourself methodically.

9. Keep a Time-schedule: Prepare a step by step time-table to guide you through your preparation and help you stay focussed. The TCY Study Planner is specially vouched for by a lot of MBA aspirants .

10. Practice: Nothing beats hard work and perseverance. But what is needed most is a combination of both hard work and smart work. TCY helps you achieve both through its exhaustive MBA test series which includes 100+ mock tests and 250+ topic wise tests. Get the most out of these tests by going through the analysis and detailed solutions. You can even reattempt the questions you get wrong and strengthen your preparation.

All the best and study well!

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Last updated on : Jul 22, 2024