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By Admin / Feb 13, 2019



Why would you ever care to know about yourself? When you see people around similar to you in every mortal way, still dissimilar in the manner they approach/handle/react to simple routine situations in an astonishingly different yet effortless manner, it�s time to acknowledge that each one of us is a �different type� and, if matched discreetly to circumstances to which we react most favourably, can invariably find the ever elusive HAPPINESS in our lives.

The above philosophy holds good for anyone as much as it does for everyone.

Know more reasons why Personality Test is a de-rigueur to achieving success in personal and professional realms of life.


Having acknowledged being unique, you would, for obvious reasons, want to know what type of a personality you are and choose a vocation that helps culminate your endowments in subtle and tactful ways. You do this and you fast forward your life toward SUCCESS, rather than forcing a detour later in life.

Once you know the kind of person you are and the job/career fitment you deserve, why would you ever allow yourself be swamped and influenced by suggestions (many even at cross-purposes) from well�intentioned but uninformed relatives, tutors, guardians and scores of other officious sources?


Having concluded your college education, you are ready to vie with dozens of candidates like you, all coveting limited corporate opportunities. Your shortlist in vocational and technical tests would only bear fruit for you once you sail smoothly through the Group Behaviour-cum-Personality Test � a potent tool wielded by a psychologist to oust candidates in the final round. He sits throughout the group task assigned to your team and is a keen observer in your interview, often asking questions unrelated to subject knowledge that you may otherwise term as irrelevant, while he scans your answers in the test.


Having landed a corporate job, building strategic relationships to get tasks done may make all the difference in building your image in the company as a manager who makes or mars projects. In short, your personality would have a bearing on your performance.

It is important that you connect with people � logically as well as emotionally � to achieve synergies that help meet deadlines and win laurels for your team.


Throughout the years, THE BIG FIVE MODEL has gained accolades for its use in academics and in various other arenas where it states that personality can be measured in terms of the five aggregate level descriptors. TCY Personality Inventory is made on the grounds of the same model keeping in mind of its worldwide acceptance. TCY Personality Inventory evaluates a person on the following five traits �

Extroversion � This trait depicts how much is one engaged with the external world, enjoys socialising and is full of energy.

Agreeableness � This trait depicts the quality of getting along with others. The person with this trait can be considered as helpful and willing to compromise own needs for others.

Conscientiousness � This trait depicts how well one is able to control one�s impulses and work with proper planning and persistence.

Neuroticism � This trait depicts how often one experiences negative emotions and can be emotionally reactive.

Openness to experience � This trait depicts someone as curious and imaginative, one�s fondness for art and beauty.

We strongly recommend that you attempt this test to Know Your Personality Type to make informed decisions in Life

Take Test Here

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Last updated on : Jun 23, 2024