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IPM Careers: A Growth Story Unparalleled

IPM Careers: A Growth Story Unparalleled

IPM Careers: A Growth Story Unparalleled

By Admin / Nov 08, 2023


IPM Careers: A Growth Story Unparalleled

In the heart of Kanpur, a city pulsing with life, two educational pioneers, Ashutosh Mishra and Deepak Kushwaha of IPM Careers, teamed up with TCY and sparked a revolution. They started with a dream in September 2020, with just one package—the CAT/MBA Combo Pack—but that was only the beginning.

1. Embracing Change to Fuel Growth: In less than a year, by June 2021, Ashutosh and Deepak saw a chance to grow. They introduced BBA/BCA prep courses, bringing fresh learning opportunities to eager minds. "We took a bold step to keep pace with our students' dreams, and TCY stood by us," Deepak Kushwaha remarked, his eyes alight with the promise of progress

2. Celebrating Every Student's Victory: Come May 2022, IPM Careers was at it again, this time with TCY's Complete Solution for MBA prep. Students' successes began to multiply, building a reputation for IPM Careers that could only be described as stellar. "Our students' wins are our wins, and TCY helped us make it happen," Ashutosh shared with a proud smile.

3. Crossing Borders with Confidence: Not one to rest on their laurels, IPM Careers ventured further with EDU Abroad. They offered IELTS/PTE courses, crafting pathways for students to study across the globe. "With IELTS and PTE, we're not just teaching; we're opening doors worldwide," noted Deepak, his vision for a global community shining through.

4. Weaving a Network of Stars: The story of growth is told through the seven bustling branches of IPM Careers, from Delhi to Mumbai. Every center buzzes with the energy of learners and the guidance of TCY's resources. "We're building more than just an education network; we're crafting legacies," Ashutosh stated, his passion echoing in every word.

5. The Promise of a Limitless Future: The collaboration with TCY wasn't just about the present; it was a pledge for the future. With TCY's 180 exam categories, IPM Careers tapped into the pulse of education, meeting students where their dreams were. "Together, we're sculpting a brighter world," affirmed Deepak, his gaze set on the horizon.

In a world where learning can be as challenging as it is rewarding, TCY became the key to breaking barriers. With over 2,000 institutions rising alongside IPM Careers, TCY is scripting a new chapter of success in education.

The journey with TCY and IPM Careers is not just a story—it's an invitation to be part of a movement that's changing lives.

As Ashutosh and Deepak look to the future, they see a tapestry of potential—a future where every student holds the pen to write their own success story, and every challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow. That's the transformative tale of IPM Careers: a saga of breaking barriers and crafting futures, one student at a time.

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Last updated on : May 26, 2024