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HR Mentors: From Campus Recruitment Training to Ace Test Prep Player; A Story of Innovation & Growth

HR Mentors: From Campus Recruitment Training to Ace Test Prep Player; A Story of Innovation & Growth

HR Mentors: From Campus Recruitment Training to Ace Test Prep Player; A Story of Innovation & Growth

By Admin / Nov 01, 2023


HR Mentors: From Campus Recruitment Training to Ace Test Prep Player; A Story of Innovation & Growth

In the vibrant city of Nagpur, Maharashtra, Hitesh Dewani, and Rushabhsen Sanghani the founders of H R Mentors, embarked on a visionary odyssey in the realm of education in April 2014. Their alliance with TCY, forged in May 2019, has not merely been a journey; it's been a thrilling ascent toward unrivaled business success and educational innovation.

A Visionary Prelude
This remarkable tale commences with H R Mentors' initial adoption of TCY's Psychometric and Aptitude Test Solutions. It was a strategic leap, an investment in unearthing and nurturing exceptional talent in the fiercely competitive arena of campus recruitment and training.

Seizing New Market
November 2020 marked a pivotal moment when H R Mentors ventured into uncharted territories. This happened after TCY analyzed their data till then and discovered the next potential business areas. They introduced MBA, CAT, and TISS NET preparation courses, in collaboration with TCY, capitalizing on market exigencies and harnessing TCY's opulent reservoir of content and assessment resources. Hitesh Dewani reveals, "Success breeds ambition. Fueled by our initial triumph, we dared to dream bigger, ushering in the MBA Complete Solution, cementing our reputation as trailblazers in comprehensive education and career support."

Foraying into the Realm of UG Test Prep
In the spirit of relentless progress, Career Mentors, an auxiliary arm of H R Mentors, embarked on this remarkable voyage. In 2020, they forayed into undergraduate test preparation courses, expanding their educational repertoire with unwavering support from TCY's Project Management team.

Embracing BBA Education with Fervor
The year 2021 witnessed H R Mentors undertaking another leap, introducing BBA courses, enriched with TCY's educational prowess. This expansion underscored their unwavering commitment to providing holistic educational solutions. "Opportunities beckoned, and we heeded the call. In 2021, we broadened our educational horizons, introducing BBA programs, fortified by TCY's academic ingenuity," underscores H R Mentors.

Global Aspirations with ELT Premium
In a world that's rapidly Shrinking, where global opportunities are prized, H R Mentors set their sights on international education. In 2021, they subscribed to TCY's ELT Premium Courses, equipping their students with indispensable language proficiency skills required to explore overseas academic prospects. "Our collaboration with TCY unlocks an array of boundless prospects. With ELT Premium, we prepare our students to conquer the global stage," H R Mentors avers.

TCY - The Catalyst for Success
At the heart of this transformative voyage lies TCY's steadfast support - not just as educational resource providers but as catalysts for business triumph. With an all-encompassing suite of solutions and an ever-evolving approach to learning, TCY has empowered H R Mentors to redefine education, create and seize market opportunities, and prepare students for an exhilarating future. "In a world where impediments to success lurk, TCY's partnership emboldens us to surmount these hurdles and pave the path for a brighter future, for our students and ourselves," concludes Hitesh Dewani. The H R Mentors saga stands as a tribute to the potency of innovation, adaptability, and strategic collaboration. Their journey with TCY serves as a wellspring of inspiration for entrepreneurs and educators alike, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the infinite possibilities that await in the realm of education.

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Last updated on : May 26, 2024