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By / Feb 13, 2019

Ever thought of finding simple ways to answer equally simple questions? kl

Ever thought how many outcomes can come of a simple toss of a coin?
How many probable numbers may show up in a single throw of an unbiased dice?
How many possible outcomes are there of a single draw of a card of “Ace” from a pack of cards?
In how many ways can one put 6 letters in 3 letter boxes?
Or blog-img-1(1)
In how many ways can 5 persons sit in a row?
In how many ways can 5 persons sit on 3 available seats?

If not, it is time you started thinking simply using your common sense without contemplating a possible recourse to complicated permutation or combination formulae.

Yes, a coin can have either a Heads or a Tail, hence, 2 ways.
For another coin, possible outcomes would be 2 X 2 = 4 ways and so on. yy

A dice can throw up any number from 1 to 6 in one toss, hence, 6 ways.
Another dice can do the same in another 6 ways.

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Last updated on : Jun 23, 2024