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Why Coaching Centers Use TCY's AI For IELTS Evaluation?

Why Coaching Centers Use TCY's AI For IELTS Evaluation?

Why Coaching Centers Use TCY's AI For IELTS Evaluation?

By Admin / Apr 21, 2022


Artificial intelligence has come a long way since its inception, and it is being used in a lot of sectors across different industries to maximize output without human interactions. Advancements in technology have made it possible for AI to cement its position in the education sector. No doubt TCY's AI evaluation has revolutionized the coaching ecosystem, but why are so many coaching centers trusting TCY's AI for IELTS evaluations?

There is a general misconception that since the IELTS speaking exam is offline, it's structured like a person-to-person interview, so its preparation should be similar. But the truth is that speaking skills have certain vital elements, and the process involves three different stages:
Idea generation: A person reads or listens to something and then generates the idea.

Converting ideas into words: IELTS speaking is measured according to lexical resources, so the ability to put your ideas into correct words is essential.

Speech articulation: Articulating the speech at the right speed and in the right way is another crucial aspect of speaking skills.
A lot of training is required to evaluate speech on these three parameters, as humans interpret speech as a whole.

But for a machine, it's a natural way of assessment, so a machine or AI does a much better job at evaluating these parameters independently and giving feedback to students on how to improve. AI can identify incorrectly pronounced words, hesitation, pauses, and empty filler words and provide these inputs to students. 

AI also identifies how coherent the ideas, grammatical errors, and vocabulary level are. TCY has developed the AI in a way that all these parameters are measured, and the user gets appropriate remedial inputs.

One of the major challenges in speaking exercises is hesitancy. A student feels hesitant to speak in front of an evaluator as his presence affects the student's speech. On the other hand, students practicing speaking exercises alone on their mobile app feel much more confident and develop speaking skills effectively.

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TCY's AI works on this principle and helps beginner learners speak on a particular topic. Then, AI analyses speech on all those parameters on which IELTS speech is evaluated, and then appropriate remedial feedback automatically reaches the speakers, which helps them make speech improvements.

These unique features have made TCY's AI evaluation for IELTS a favorite among coaching centers. So don't get left behind; give your students the best evaluation technique and help them score their desired bands in IELTS.

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Last updated on : Jun 23, 2024