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What Students Should Expect From PTE AI-Rater?

What Students Should Expect From PTE AI-Rater?

What Students Should Expect From PTE AI-Rater?

By Admin / May 06, 2022


AI-assisted evaluation has solved an age-old problem for the coaching industry by bringing speed and accuracy in evaluating speaking and writing tasks, thus helping teachers focus on student improvement areas in a timely fashion. So today, one of the essential things an exam aspirant looks for in a coaching center is AI evaluation on the actual exam format. Here are a few things that would set the expectations right.

You may have the most advanced AI, but if the tests do not match in every detail with the official tests, the scores given by the AI are misleading. The effectiveness of an AI-rater depends on whether the test for which the evaluation is happening is consistent with the actual examination. So a student should ideally look at this factor first before joining any Institute.

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For any AI-rater, the most significant advantage is the speed with which the student is getting the feedback, and an efficient AI-rater gives quick results to the students. Immediate results help students identify their mistakes and take timely corrective action. Flexibility is another parameter wherein AI-rater should perform well in different browsers without restrictions. TCY's AI-rater works perfectly fine in all browsers and the TCY customized software, making it easily accessible across various platforms and devices.

The reliability of the evaluation is another important criterion, which is only achieved by comparing the result of the AI-rater and fine-tuning it with thousands of identical tests evaluated by teachers. TCY, the pioneer in this field, serving over 50,000 students every year in language programs, has the most extensive repository of teacher evaluated tests against which its AI is trained. This makes the scoring robust and reliable. The legacy of the AI provider is a crucial factor to be considered.

Transparency in AI evaluation is vital as generating a score is not enough; AI-rater should also give comprehensive feedback on the improvement areas. There should be a degree of transparency on what parameters the scoring has happened, and it should follow the official scoring rubrics in every detail possible. TCY has its AI solution in AI evaluated- Teacher approved mode and purely AI evaluated mode. The scoring is transparent and follows the official score guide of the exams.

Scores provided by most English Language tests are scaled scores, and for an efficient AI-rater to generate predictable scores for the actual exam, a robust regression model is required. TCY, through its vast experience in handling test statistics at scale, has developed a powerful scoring model to predict the student score in the actual exam with a high degree of accuracy. This model is helping students achieve their desired scores by providing accurate and quick feedback, which allows them to make timely course corrections.

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Last updated on : Jun 25, 2022