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Taking Your Coaching Centre Online? Do it the Right Way!

Taking Your Coaching Centre Online? Do it the Right Way!

Taking Your Coaching Centre Online? Do it the Right Way!

By Admin / Apr 23, 2021

The re-introduction of lockdown in many parts of the country is once again seriously affecting the coaching centers as well as students. Most of the coaching centers have decided to go online and many have already started online programmes. However, students and parents are highly dissatisfied with the outcome of such online offerings being offered. 

The reasons range from teachers being unfamiliar with intricacies of online teaching,  to not having access to adequate course materials for supporting online pedagogy, and to lack of planning around instructional objectives.  To make the overall experience satisfying for all the stakeholders, it is very important for a coaching center to get all the teaching-learning components right before going online. 

Teachers in a typical coaching center are used to seeing students face to face. They can make out if a student is following their teaching, just by reading their face in the classroom. When the teaching moves online, old tricks fail. Their first challenge is just to ensure that all the students have their videos switched on. Even if they manage to cross the first hurdle, how do they ensure that a couple of students haven’t dropped off subsequently, particularly when the class size exceeds 10?
 This problem doesn't have a direct solution and even the AI tools for alerting the teacher when a student is inattentive don’t work. Teachers in this case don’t hold much power over the student when the class goes online.

The right solution lies in lesson plans with clearly defined learning objectives. When the learning objectives to be met in the class are known, it becomes easier to teach and assess the learning within and after the class. TCY provides the teachers at its partner centers, predefined learning objectives and lecture slides that can be used to deliver a powerful visual experience to capture the attention of the online student. They are also equipped with in-class quizzes for engaging students, as well as post-class quizzes to identify knowledge gaps.  These identified knowledge gaps help the teacher plan for the next lecture.

Assignments and practice exercises form another important part of the teaching-learning process. When the lecture is online, it doesn't make sense for the students to do the assignment and send it through WhatsApp to the teacher for evaluation. This is not only difficult for the student to do but also cumbersome for the teacher to evaluate and give feedback for corrective action. TCY not only enables a teacher to conduct and auto-evaluate assignments but also to personalize auto-signed remedial assignments for addressing the knowledge gaps of each student.

Once you have the right infrastructure and the right courseware to conduct online live classes, the next important thing is how the student is going to discover your offering.  TCY sends over 5 lakh students, who join the platform every year, to partner centers. You just need to be prepared to handle this influx of student enquiries.

So, if you are thinking of taking your coaching center online, make sure you do it the right way with professional help from TCY. There is a wide variety of offerings to chose from.

Remember, there are no second chances online. So let’s do it right the first time.

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Last updated on : May 26, 2024