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Passion over Signal ?

Passion over Signal ?

Passion over Signal ?

By Admin / Feb 27, 2020

Different people have different notions about education. Broadly, education is a bundle of skill acquisition, networking and signalling.

Signalling is when people acquire degrees to signal to the market that they are of high ability. Education credentials can be used as signal to the outside world regarding your expertise.

Let’s look around for a minute.

Harsha Bhogle: A world class commentator & expert in the game of cricket. Any degree related to sports? No.

Mr. Perfectionist - Aamir Khan: An actor who needs no introduction. He redefined the rules of the game. Any degree in acting /cinema? No.

Edison - the inventor: Hardly any formal education but only passion to fuel the great things he invented, from Commercial Electric Bulb to the early version of Gramophone. Any high degree in science? No.

Michael Dell: Established one of the largest businesses in Personal Computing. He left medical education to pursue his passion in assembling computing devices. A Computer Scientist? No.

Don’t worry if you don’t come with B.Ed, M.Ed. and PhD degrees.

We, at TCY firmly believe that if you have a missionary zeal to create a positive impact in the education sector, nothing can stop you.

Write to us at hr@tcyonline.com what you have in mind and we may love to take it forward.

Chances are you won’t feel out of place as we already have a bunch of misfits enjoying the game.

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Last updated on : Sep 22, 2023