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Learning On-The-Go: How Students Improve 24x7 on TCY App

Learning On-The-Go: How Students Improve 24x7 on TCY App

Learning On-The-Go: How Students Improve 24x7 on TCY App

By Admin / May 03, 2022


In a constantly evolving era of modern technology, mobile has become an extension of the human body. Every aspect of life is now heavily influenced by gadgets and mobile applications. Any activity, task, or work that doesn’t have a domino effect with technology, is currently running on the track of obsolescence.

The Test Prep sector has grown immensely in the past decade, bringing students more flexibility and convenience using technology. TCY in its foresightedness pioneered the development of a mobile app for the students in its partner centers, which helps them, take learning out of the four walls of the classroom and gives 24 x 7 access to learning inputs.

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When a trainer or AI evaluates a student's test, immediate feedback is sent to the student on the application that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the student's performance. This in turn triggers a corrective course of action and allows the student to attempt remedial tests sent on the App,  making the improvement cycle much faster.

TCY App is built on the learning and reflective needs of the students. When a series of detailed test analyses of student performance are strung together, a score trend appears that effectively describes the student's output in one glance. Also, this user-friendly App keeps the students engaged with a daily dose of morning exercises that they can do on the go. It also takes the boredom out of routine practice using 'Challenge Zone', where students can challenge any other student on the platform and learn in healthy competition.

The youth now is habitual to their mobile phones for idle surfing & scrolling, and TCY App offers a better alteration and a more productive engagement. Small pockets of time when utilized with skill-building exercises on the App, always add to better results. This is how the TCY mobile App is helping partner centers deliver outstanding results & students learn efficiently.

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Last updated on : Jun 23, 2024