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Why an Integrated Methodology Brings Better Results

Why an Integrated Methodology Brings Better Results

Why an Integrated Methodology Brings Better Results

By Admin / Apr 05, 2021

Imagine a classroom filled with students and a teacher imparting some valuable lessons. If we think about what inputs can supplement the teacher's efforts to make this exercise more productive, the most common answer would be books, assessments, and remedial practice. And all of these should ideally be bound together by a collective purpose usually called Learning objectives.

Disconnected Learning Inputs is the Norm

Today, most of the coaching centers outsource these different inputs from different companies. Since all the learning tools that assist teaching are outsourced from different companies, they lack coherence and alignment with the subject matter taught. Therefore, this collective potpourri that the student receives at the end of the day doesn't belong together and ends up confusing the students. Ultimately, it doesn't have the desired effect on the teaching-learning process because there is a lot of dissonance between what is being taught and what is supplementing the teaching.

A Common Thread to Bind Teaching and Learning Inputs

The entire TCY methodology revolves around a common interconnected web of learning objectives that define and streamline every input starting right from what the teacher teaches to what is being assessed to the knowledge gaps and then the remedial action. Every content object is tagged to these learning objectives. These TCY inputs such as the lecture slides, books, assessments, remedial practice, reports, and the dashboards are shared with institutes. These inputs are oriented towards the immediate goal; mastering the next learning objective. 

All Component Mesh Together Seamlessly

It becomes easy for a teacher when the teaching goals are clearly defined. For this, TCY empowers them with lecture slides completely aligned with the predefined learning objectives. 

 The lecture slides are supplemented with the books for in-class and out-of-class practice. The exercises and notes in the book are completely aligned with everything that was taught in the class. QR codes embedded in the books to extend learning beyond the book using the Mobile App.


Pinpointed Remedial Actions made Possible

The practise assessments are also sharply focused on learning objectives. The assessment instrument can sharply define what goals have been achieved and where the gap is. Once the knowledge gaps are correctly identified, the next step is already ready! Feedback on the knowledge gaps is shared with all stakeholders for manual intervention.

An automated action also kicks into action and assignments based on the weak areas are shared with the students by the algorithm without the intervention of the teacher. 


Standalone ERP- A Recipe for Disaster

The Era of Standalone ERP is gone. Today's coaching centers use an integrated suite of ERP, LMS, and CRM which helps them in Academics operations and Business promotion as none of these are standalone in a caching center but closely related. This guarantees that every stakeholder comes together on a common platform, be it the center owner, teacher, students, or parents ensuring no stone is left unturned for student success. 

Now you know what you are losing when you go for standalone Course Components and ERP, it is never too late to change. Connect with the TCY team now!

Contact Details
URL: B2B.TCYonline.com
Email: inquiry@tcyonline.com
Mobile Number: +91 98789-58555

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Last updated on : Jul 22, 2024