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How to Choose an AI Rater for Your Coaching Centre?

How to Choose an AI Rater for Your Coaching Centre?

How to Choose an AI Rater for Your Coaching Centre?

By Admin / Mar 22, 2021

Artificial Intelligence-based Essay and Speech scoring systems are revolutionizing language skill evaluation, making it one of the most important Education Technologies of current times. If implemented in the right way, it goes a long way. It helps in getting the evaluations faster and accurate, making remediation faster and reducing the teacher’s workload.

While choosing the right AI solution for your coaching centre, you must keep many things in mind. The most important one is to distinguish between Real AI and clever algorithms.  An AI Rater system, unlike clever algorithms, doesn’t score on a hardcoded basis on fixed rules. It emulates the human ability to come to a decision based on the available information. AI is an intelligent system that can continuously improve its output based on a feedback loop. Sometimes in the short run, a clever algorithm-based scoring system may look more accurate than an AI-based system, but as the AI learns, the complexity of scoring increases. Resultantly, AI systems outperform any algorithmic evaluation system. 

 Any AI is as good as the data it is trained on. Some of the key factors that play an important role are the nature of the tests and the quality and quantity of the human ratings on these tests that are available. Here TCY enjoys a considerable advantage as a pioneer, who had all these simulated mock tests that were rated by trained evaluators for PTE for over a long period. TCY's AI rater uses a complex mix of multiple natural language processing technologies that are used to analyse writing and speaking tasks in language exams and then the Expert Rater's score is used to arrive at an accurate estimate of the score of the student in the test.

 When you go for the AI-rated mocks of a technology company, the validity of the tests may go for a toss. The tests and the tasks may not have the required predictive value to predict what the student would score in the actual exam accurately. So the background of the AI-Rater Provider on the academic side is equally important as AI rating should be a perfect amalgamation of Academics and Technology.

The main purpose to get mocks evaluated by AI is that it mimics human raters. There are usually differences in scores awarded when an evaluation is done by two different human raters. The success of an AI rater lies in the agreement between Human Rater & AI-Scoring. These variations must be comparable to bring uniformity, consistency and conformity. 

 Another important aspect to be taken care of is Speech Analysis. Speech analysis is more complicated than text analysis. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence backed technologies have made it possible to analyse text from a wide variety of sources with a lot more accuracy and precision. Many AI-raters compromise on the speech analysis part. They mainly rely on speech-to-text conversion and then matching how many keywords have accurately been transcribed. Speech-to-text technology is not highly accurate and is dependent even on the quality of the recording. TCY uses Amazon transcript which is one of the most accurate speech-to-text conversion systems available today rather than the cheaper alternatives available and is trained on Indian as well as native accents. Not only that but the quality of speech and the prosody are directly analysed from the speech data to give a very comprehensive and accurate analysis of speech.

 So when you are in the market looking for a reliable AI rater for your Coaching Institute, these are some pointers that will help you make the correct decision.

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Last updated on : Jul 25, 2024