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Coaching Institutes: Some Growing, Others Perishing

Coaching Institutes: Some Growing, Others Perishing

Coaching Institutes: Some Growing, Others Perishing

By Admin / Jun 05, 2021

Recent times have changed the coaching and learning ways that were once beyond imagination. Here are the most impactful trends that are changing the coaching industry today:

1. Technology no longer about style but survival
Be it online presence on social media platforms or lessons on Zoom or Google Meet, lockdowns forced coaching centers to go online. Many perished due to faulty implementation or trying to run it without a comprehensive assessment and remediation system. At the same time, others turned the tables and adopted an integrated content and assessment strategy with their online push and came out winners.

2. Classroom to Hybrid Models
As the coaching industry oscillated back and forth between online during lockdowns and classroom led when the situation relaxed, the smart ones prepared themselves for the best of both the worlds. Technology-assisted teaching practices would multiply the effectiveness of teaching with the use of video lectures for remedial learning; presentations that help align the lectures to the rest of the courseware and real exam-like mock tests. Tasks that are mundane and aren’t teacher intensive will be taken care of by the algorithms, enabling teachers to invest their energy in what they do best - the core activities of teaching and it no longer mattered whether online or offline.

3. Learning is Now On the Go 
Every student has a couple of hours each day when his/her mind is not productively engaged. For example, when a bored student is traveling , he is looking for a means to put his time to use by using his mobile phone. A smart app could easily put students’ unproductive time to good use. A student could simply scan a QR Code-enabled lesson from his/her smart book and learn from it on the go anytime anywhere. Today's smart students are incredibly demanding & would prefer institutes that adapt offerings to their style of living and learning.

4. Standalone Courseware to Integrated One
A modular approach to lesson planning is gaining popularity wherein practice resources, remedial resources and assessments are in sync. This process helps in turning learning into a more personalized experience for the learner. The courseware can be delivered through multiple media such as books, e-books, and mobile app for easy access and availability.

5. Shift in Student Expectations
Consolidation of exams not only has simplified the admission process but has also spiked the stakes for students. Aspirants have fewer attempts and more intense competition which in turn increases the students’ expectations from coaching centers. Students want highly effective and efficient modes of teaching which will help them in clearing the exam in a single attempt. Coaching centers that have a remedial methodology to create fast track success are taking the market away.
With all above being provided to TCY partner centres on the platter , their growth trajectory has suddenly become like a hockey stick as they are making the most of these changing times.

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Last updated on : May 26, 2024