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Coaching Centres! Dont Let The Lockdown Lock Your Centre Down

Coaching Centres! Dont Let The Lockdown Lock Your Centre Down

Coaching Centres! Dont Let The Lockdown Lock Your Centre Down

By Admin / May 08, 2021

To go online or not to go is no longer a choice for any Indian coaching center; it is rather the only way to survive in these turbulent times. Today we have all three types of institutes;  the ones who successfully started online in the last wave, the ones who burnt their fingers trying to go online during the last wave, and the ones that are still waiting while watching others.

The easiest and safest way to go online would be through the support of a complete learning solution provider like TCYonline.com as over 1,250 coaching centers have already done.  However, this article is for the do-it-yourself fans among coaching center owners.

When the lockdown set in last time, many coaching centers had already enrolled their students and it was only a matter of serving them online. This time the coaching centers have to first find enrolments and then to serve them online. The traditional advantages enjoyed by the coaching centers vanish and getting students into the online classes itself becomes a challenge.  It is one of the areas where TCY is uniquely positioned to help coaching centers. TCY's student platform is witnessing unprecedented traffic of students and they are being diverted to the online classes of various coaching centers associated with it.

The first thing after you have the students would be to set up a video communication tool like zoom which undoubtedly is the most popular amongst institutes.  It is very important not to cut corners here if you want to succeed the first time you go online.  While taking zoom sessions, it is important to be assisted by a teaching assistant who would take care of admitting students into the classrooms and supporting and monitoring students who are attending the zoom sessions.  Another important thing is that to make the online class effective, you need to have lecture slides that you can present in this session.

You would of course miss the classroom advantage where you could just take a look at the student’s eyes and make out whether he has understood the concept or not, so you would also need a continuous assessment system so that you can assess the student on concept learning.  The assessment tool should also give you a pinpointed feedback on the learning gaps of each student without your spending long hours sifting through the student answer sheets.

Another challenge in online classes is how to make sure that the students are regular with the assignments and how do we make sure that the student is working on his or her weak areas. Also, you need to have a mechanism for fee collection, attendance, assignment submission, test submission, reporting among other things.

Institutes that go for TCYonline complete solution get a zoom integrated ERP for beaming live lectures,  a complete online assessment system with AI-enabled scoring, and Analytics to give the student and teacher the correct picture of where the student stands at any point of time and what next he should do to succeed.

An automated remedial action system would collect information about the student's weak areas and assign him related practice without the intervention of a teacher.  The students remain in touch with their learning using the mobile app.  The alerts and the messaging system ensure that the student is regular with this practice and remedial testing ensures he is always focusing on his weak areas. 

The detailed reporting ensures that the teacher always knows every student's knowledge gaps. The teacher can also easily communicate with them through the app at any point in time. The ERP system would take care of all worries related to attendance, fee collection, assignment submission, etc. you just need to be there to deliver the lectures and manage the inflow of students.

So our advice is this is the best time to be a proud owner of your own online class system. If you just want to focus on teaching, then the best option is to get the most sophisticated courseware, learning tools, and support at just a fraction of the investment that you would do in creating your own system.




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Last updated on : Jul 22, 2024