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2 Mantras for Success in Any Exam

2 Mantras for Success in Any Exam

2 Mantras for Success in Any Exam

By Admin / May 18, 2021

We are fortunate to be in the midst of an Edtech revolution. Many fancy and innovative solutions are hitting the market every day boasting of adaptive learning, convenience of asynchronous video lectures, personalization, remote teacher-led classes, etc. All these solutions are effective in their own ways but almost every one of these is overrated.  This is the reason we see a lot of hype when new Edtech products are launched promising to change the way the world learns but after some time we see them slowly fade into oblivion as the initial excitement wanes down.

We at TCY always believe that the real learning happens when every student and other stakeholders  are aware of two things at every point in time in student’s academic journey:

- where does the student stand

- what next should s/he do to succeed

A learning product that is designed around these two fundamental premises would successfully enable learning and fetch better results for the students.

To make every student know where he or she stands at any point in time, the requirement is that the student should take frequent assessments of their abilities on set parameters. This assessment should be followed by microanalysis of performance at a very granular level to help student know pinpointed areas which need improvement and work on them. It is also essential that the practice should be highly relevant and simulate the actual exam.

The next step is when the analysis is converted to action. As we go more and more into a granular level of analysis, it becomes even more difficult to remains systematic and approach the weak areas in a logically consistent manner. This is where remedial action algorithms can help.  TCY's remedial action algorithms store information about students' weak areas and continuously give them remedial action in an automated fashion progressively thus systematically eliminating weak areas one by one until there are none left.

For every learning product, be it teacher-led or automated that aspires to engage, motivate and continuously improve the performance of the student, these two concepts should be at their core just like all TCY products have.










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Last updated on : Jun 23, 2024